The Cook’s Board of Directors voted in favour of providing the service when all questions are answered, requirements are clarified by both our local health unit and our Ministry licensing body, and Cook’s feels confident we can do so in the safest manner possible.

It will be important to closely monitor how the schools manage their environments when they resume full operation.  Because of the staggered school start dates, October 5 is the anticipated start date of our centre after school program if all requirements are in place and all is going well for both the schools and us.

Because of the morning screening procedure and the staff required for that task, it will not be possible to offer the centre before school program until further notice.

Cook’s chooses not to rush our decisions.  As with each step we have taken, we will carefully take the time to confidently move forward.

Please advise if you plan to enroll your child in our centre after school program when it is available.  Your patience and ongoing support are appreciated!