The Cook’s board of directors has voted unanimously to not consider re-opening of the before & after school program until at least the new year.

Ontario is in the second wave of Covid-19 and the number of cases continue to increase across the province; therefore, it is necessary for Cook’s to take more time to monitor the changing situation.

A couple other significant factors impact our ability to re-start the program at this time.

  • Cook’s has been attempting to secure additional suitable educators.  The County has committed to help with advertising for our County as they have done before.
  • At this point, the number of children still on the list for our program when it re-opens has dwindled down to the point it will cost us more to staff it than we can financially support.  Cook’s understands that families have had to put a plan in place to cover their needs.  Waiting for Cook’s has not been possible for all families.

Cook’s continues to be committed to move forward with caution. We want to assure you that the health, safety and well-being of the children, families, staff, and home providers will always be a priority for us!

New information will be shared at the earliest convenience.  Thanks for your continued support.