It’s only a few short days until we begin to welcome the children and families back to our programs.  We are very excited!

Please check out these quick reminders before you return.

Have you visited our website’s COVID-19 link at http://cooksdaycare.a/covid/?

The extra time Cook’s invested in our re-opening allowed us the opportunity to prepare information packages for parents/guardians, our staff and home child care providers using the recommendations of the Ministries of Education and Health. It is important that the information be reviewed.

Have you completed and returned the parent/guardian agreement?

No admittance is permitted until Cook’s has it.  You will find it at

Have you submitted your schedule?

The schedule forms can be completed and submitted from our website We need your hours of drop-off and pick-up to ensure our staffing is placed appropriately for care and disinfecting procedures.

Do you have copies of the screening checklist sheets?

Please be sure to have copies ready at home to complete and bring with you for your child and the individual who is dropping off. They can be found at

If you need copies, please let us know and arrange to come pick some up at your program location.

Important! Restricted entry to our programs is in place.

At this time, only the children are permitted entry inside the building (and approved visitors).

Do you receive fee assistance?

If you receive fee subsidy from the County of Northumberland, have you connected with your case worker to have your file re-opened?

How to safely approach your program…

We will have signs in place to safely greet you one family at a time.

Although our screeners will be wearing a face covering and shield, please wear a face covering to approach the entrance. Respecting directions benefits all!

Do you have questions?

Please reach out. Call the Cook’s office at 905-372-2143 or email your program at or