September 25 News Topics

  1. Covid-19 Symptoms
  2. After School Program Update
  3. Snippets from the Educators
  4. Orange Shirt Day
  5. Reminder:  Cook’s is Nominated for “Best Daycare / Child Care” & Your Vote Counts!

Covid-19 Symptoms

Complying with the very strict health regulations regarding Covid-19 symptoms is challenging for you and us and we truly appreciate the incredible support from families.  Child care programs in Northumberland are eagerly awaiting clarification from the Ministries of Health and Education regarding the current list of symptoms – there may be changes coming.  Consistent direction to the programs is being obtained from the HKPR District Health Unit regarding exclusion from care and next steps to return. As you know, at this time, we are required to exclude a child showing even one of the Covid-19 symptoms.  We understand this requirement can place strain on you and your family; unfortunately, we have no option.  We will always choose to comply to regulations to help safeguard the children and educators.

Centre After School Program Update

The Cook’s board of directors has voted unanimously to not re-open the centre after school program on October 5.  We have entered the second wave of Covid-19 and the number of cases has increased across the province; therefore, it is necessary for Cook’s to take more time to monitor the changing situation.  Cook’s continues to be committed to move forward with caution. We want to assure you that the health, safety and wellbeing of children, families, staff, and home providers is an ongoing priority for us.  The board will re-evaluate the re-opening of the centre after school program on October 26.  New information will be shared at the earliest convenience.

Snippets from the Educators

The educators are interested in occasionally emailing snapshots of your child in action to you to help you see what sparks their interest while in our care.  There will not be a set schedule when the special moments will be shared – it will be a nice, random surprise for you.  If you are not interested in receiving these emails, just let us know.  Please do not email the educators because they will not have the ability to respond.  For safety reasons, their attention must be directed to the children when in program.  If you wish to email questions or comments, you may direct them through the office email addresses or call us at 905-372-2143.

Victoria Park Child Care Centre

Cook’s Home Child Care Agency

Orange Shirt Day

On September 30 communities come together in a spirit of reconciliation and hope because every child matters.

Reminder:  Cook’s is Nominated for “Best Daycare / Child Care” & Your Vote Counts!

Cook’s is nominated for the Northumberland News Reader’s Choice Award for Best Daycare / Child Care.

Please take a moment to follow this link to vote for your program!

Receiving this award would be a nice way to recognize our 35 years providing early learning and child care programs for Northumberland County!  Voting closes on September 27.  Please spread the word!