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The following comments are provided from Notes to Cook's, Application Form - Reasons for Choosing Cook's, and Satisfaction Surveys submitted)

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Appreciation Cards
September 2017 Testimonial
August 2017 Testimonial
  • SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 - Since our child has been coming to Cooks for Daycare I have noticed a huge improvement in her speech development . Our child comes home singing songs that she could have only learned from daycare. The staff are very friendly and sweet. Sending my daughter here was the best desision that I could have ever made. Thanks for being so awesome!
  • AUGUST 11, 2017 - Cooks is a fantastic daycare center! Our Child looks forwards to daycare days, ALWAYS! The staff are helpful and friendly. The kids always seem to be enjoying themselves. Thanks you for taking such good care of the kids :)
  • The girls there are phenomenal. Never had any issue. Professional and caring.
  • The communication between educator, child/children and parents is outstanding. Always quick to address any concerns.
  • My daughter has been at Cooks since November 2015. We very much love the building, teachers, programs, and meals. We have always felt welcomed and involved in our daughter's class time. Teachers and staff are so wonderful, we can't thank them enough!
  • Love the new menu!
  • I just recently learned that the children's learning moments/pictures are saved in their own book that they will get to take home with them at the end of their time with the daycare. I may have missed this in the handbook or elsewhere, but I think it is a great idea and look forward to having that keepsake for my kids.
  • Facebook Page

  • I don't often visit the page as I have requested my child's photos not to be posted, but when I do view the page I enjoy seeing what the children have been up to.
  • I love seeing the pictures and stories of what the children are up to during the day. My child is a toddler and can't yet talk well enough to tell me what activities they've done. So it's a great surprise to see those glimpses into his day. It's also nice to see what the older kids get up to, as something to look forward to.
  • I like the weekly updates.
  • I like that weekly updates are provided and would welcome even more!
  • Great idea. Love the pics.
  • I like seeing regular updates of activities.
  • Like the facebook page, seeing the updates of the weeks activities and how the children responded to program is great!
  • I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the children participating in the various activities that they partake in throughout the day. I have just 'liked' the page, and I am looking forward to seeing more updates in the future.
  • Favourite Thing About the Program

  • I love the variety of centres (sensory, etc) & toys offered to the children.
  • The warm welcoming and nurturing environment, and knowing the educators love our kids too, and take an interest in their well being, development and enjoyment of the program.
  • The teachers are great! I also like that meals are posted so I know what he's eating every day. Lots of crafts and activities he enjoys. Also they feed off what the kids are interested in.
  • The educators.
  • The staff and menu!
  • The teachers :-)
  • The fact that a healthy meal and snacks are provided daily, cuts down on the stress level of getting ready.
  • The educators are wonderful!
  • My child joined Cooks after spending a year and a half in a home daycare environment - what I enjoy most about your program is that it is more structured. I feel that this is where my child needs to be to help prepare her for grade school. She has already learned so much. I love that she comes home and is counting and singing songs.
  • Our daughter has attended Cooks since she was 13months old (she is now over 2.5yrs). Since we have enrolled her it has been a very positive experience. All of the staff are great with the children and wonderful to interact with. .
  • We love Cook's. Thank you for your wonderful care :)

UP TO 2016...

Staff & Providers

  • They are doing a great job at teaching the children, I always observe them playing and interacting with my child.
  • I have yet to share sensitive family matters so I am not sure, though I feel I could share and would be received professionally.
  • Her door is always open. Was a big help when my daughter had heart surgery 2014 and needed my other daughter who's 10 a place to stay.
  • Staff are always updating me on child's progress. Very experienced child educators.
  • They seem very organized, calm, patient, friendly & knowledgeable about my child when I ask questions.
  • My son has developed since starting Cook's daycare. He has grown and learned new things. The educators are excellent in their profession.
  • They treat the children with care and conduct themselves well and never shout or yell at the children.
  • Demonstrate skills of trained educators and engage children in activities that complement the school curriculum.
  • The children are cared for, guided and supported in their learnings.
  • All educators appear confident & competent in their roles. I have never second guessed their responses or judgment. They truly have my children's best interest in mind & are very welcoming & supportive.
  • The educators at Cook's provide exceptional degrees of caring, understanding, support & nutrition (good manners, good choices, etc.).
  • I see my child learning new things all the time. I enjoy the feedback we receive verbally when we pick her up at the end of the day.
  • Everyone at Cook's is amazing. They made the transition from maternity leave to daycare so much easier!
  • Everyone is very helpful. If I ask a question to someone and they are not sure they find someone who does know.
  • Can't say enough how great, nice, friendly & helpful everyone is!
  • I have great respect for the education and care they provide to so many children. They communicate, interact & care for children. Grateful for toilet training support.
  • Educators are knowledgeable, caring and approachable
  • The way the team/staff carries themselves. Their ability to keep the kids under control and always talking positively about daycare.
  • My provider obviously loves her work and always adheres to rules & regulations.

Our Website

  • I like that contacts & pdf files of menus are easy to access.
  • Great job!
  • The website is informative and user-friendly.
  • Very easy to navigate and has all the available info I need.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Easy to find information.
  • It gives enough detail
  • I went through the website before enrolling my child into cooks, and was able to find all the information I was looking for.
  • Informative, easy to manoeuver
  • It's fine, easy to use.
  • Informative. Easy to access.
  • It outlines programs well.
  • Very clear & easy to use.
  • I have accessed the website a number of times for contact details, use of parent handbook and any change to schedule forms. It's great the up-to-date schedule requests are on the website also.
  • Rich in info; very useful links. Well done Cook's!!
  • Very helpful and modern. Easily used.
  • The website is great and has all the info you need. Easy to navigate too.
  • Easy to locate information
  • Looks good. Easy to find information.
  • Informative, easy to manoeuver
  • Yes, it is very basic which makes it easy to navigate.
  • The website is user friendly and provides all necessary and up to date information.
  • Very clear & concise with easy access to contacts.

Our Facebook Page

  • Great!
  • I enjoyed seeing all the different crafts done by all the children not just my own and found some very useful ideas, links and info.
  • The weekly updates are great
  • I enjoy seeing the posts specific to my child's age group and what's going on around the center.
  • I love seeing pictures of what's going on.
  • Good updates - can connect with other parents.
  • Very good-looking.
  • Great page!
  • Great! It's nice to know what is happening.
  • Love the facebook page and all of the pictures/updates!

Our Mission Statement

  • Yes, I agree and like every item in the mission statement
  • Yes I feel Cook's is accomplishing their mission statement, my child attends three days a week and can hardly wait each and every time to attend.
  • I agree with your statement. Staff have been excellent!!
  • Yes. I am very happy with the center and always have piece of mine when leaving her for the day. It's easy to talk to all of her teachers and the always help or answer any questions I have. My daughter is so excited to know she's headed to daycare and is thriving and developing each week. We still have a lot of time until school, but I have no doubt she will be comfortable and prepared for the transition.
  • My son loves daycare so yes, you are accomplishing your mission!
  • I think Cook's is accomplishing the mission statement.
  • Yes, I feel that cooks day care is accomplishing everything set out in the official mission statement.

Please Tell Us More

  • My child would like an opportunity to give some feedback, too. Like in the form of a survey for the children
  • The toddler room teachers are sensitive, firm, loving, supportive, encouraging, flexible, and so sweet. we really appreciate all if then
  • The staff are so receptive and welcoming. I feel confident I can leave my son there and he will have a great day! I can even feel confident leaving him crying, knowing he is in good hands and transitions well once I am gone.
  • I am very thankful for all of the excellent care that has been provided for Cole. I could not possibly say enough to express my gratitude for all that the staff does and have done on a daily business. Thankyou!!
  • Word of mouth has great things to say about Cook's daycare; past, present and future, so I am very happy my son attends this daycare. It has been a great experience for him before he starts "big school" in September. You have all helped prepare him for his next journey in life and I am very grateful. I will continue to spread the good word of Cook's daycare.
  • I feel the quality of care is excellent! Thank you to all the Ladies at Cook's! Happy to support your needs in future.
  • I am thoroughly pleased with the love, care and guidance provided to my children. I am looking forward to seeing the new space and to see the value it will add to the centre. Thank you all!
  • Thank you to all staff.
  • I appreciate all that the staff do for my boys. The S/A program for the summer has never let me down. The trips and activities during the day are amazing. Keep up the good work.
  • Very happy with all services. I feel very confident and at ease with my daughter in this daycare. From what I've seen the staff are wonderful. Have been a joy and asset to my daughter's learning and development. I refer everyone I can to Cook's. Love the child's survey as well. Nice that you take their thoughts into consideration.
  • It is never easy trusting just anyone to care for your children. Cook's staff go above and beyond with my children. They are always there to offer a cuddle when needed, you can tell they love what they do.
  • Excellent program and staff.
  • Our children love Cook's - I never worry about them when they're at the centre. The team does a great job!
  • The workers are all wonderful and my children love it here. The workers are also great with my child who does not attend, they always say hello to him. This makes me feel like the workers are invested in my children as they acknowledge the whole family.

More Testimonials

Appreciation Letter

In the Eyes of Our Kids!

When random children were asked what was enjoyed during our Summer Adventure Program, we were told:

"I like reading."
Marley, Age 7

"There are lots of good books and the Teachers are nice."
Nicholas, Age 8

"I like that I can play with a lot of my friends at the same time."
Michael, Age 7

"I like that we go a lot of different places in the summer."
Ben, Age 9

From the Point of View of Adults

The following are direct quotes taken from our recent satisfaction survey responses submitted by parents, guardians & family members using our service.

The educators/teachers/providers are viewed as professionals because...

  • Because they went to school for it.
  • The commitment that is displayed every day.
  • Because they do such important work with our precious children. It is hard, exhausting (& probably sometimes frustrating) work, yet everyday I see professional, happy & respectful people accepting my son with open arms!
  • Very professional, mature & dedicated.
  • I always find the staff helpful, kind and really in touch with my kids needs/problems.
  • Cook's has also provided a warm and inviting environment while at all times displaying a professional manner with all educators.
  • They are always interacting with children in some way.
  • They don't put the children at the Day Care at risk. Definitely put the children first in any decision.
  • Even though the work is seen as child's play, my daughter's day is well planned, thought out and treated with the importance that a child's growth and development deserves & requires. If I have any questions the care providers always respond professionally & promptly.
  • Everyone displays a positive model for children and parents/caregivers. I have never seen any behaviour from any of the staff that was less than professional.
  • They have impacted on the kids behaviours also their lives.
  • They are positive role models and help with the up bringing of the children and families of the organization.
  • Always focused on their job they love.
  • They show that they are professionals through conduct, communication, knowledge, and dress, very approachable and easy to communicate with.
  • They have always been professional; and supportive to myself and my child. I appreciate the service they provide to my family.
  • They are trained/certified.

Other Comments:

  • I just want to thank the staff for being a Great Part of my daughter's everyday life and making sure she is safe and well taken care of. I know that you are meeting her needs, and I have noticed that she is gaining useful skills.
  • We are very pleased with the level of care and stimulation our child is provided. Our child looks forward to attending Victoria Day Care.
  • I (we) have been very happy with Cook's facilities & care for our son. The administration has been professional & efficient and the caregivers are hard working, professional, attentive & loving - the most important to me :) I think they also do a good job managing kids & parents during busy drop-off & pick-up times when there is something to discuss with the parent, but also having to be in charge of the kids. Also, I appreciate how Cook's picked up our older child at school & gave him care while I volunteered @ bingo even though he doesn't go to Cook's normally. (All forms were completed for him of course). I feel like Cook's is like a family business but with all the benefits of a large corporation behind it. Perfect combination!
  • I have no suggestions. Our child is very happy. The staff are excellent and very kind to all the kids. This is the best move we could have made! Thanks
  • We are currently in our 4th week attending day care and the teachers have been very helpful with the transition. Our son is very happy and adjusting quite well to his new situation. All of the teachers have been very patient with the morning drop off (crying) and they have been very positive every step of the way. Thank-you.
  • I am very happy with the care the children receive from Cook's. This has been an exciting and educational experience for them. I believe that Cook's help build a solid foundation to build on their education and relationships with other children. Thank you for taking such great care of my children. I never have to worry about them when at work.
  • Staff has been accommodating in family changes; ease for child, communication on development/behaviour is great and very helpful. Always caring and show concern. Questions always answered. Day trips are great!
  • Cook's, I believe has contributed to a very healthy start for our children both educational and social. I truly feel that Cook's is a superior learning facility and has played a big part in our children's development and at the same time has provided a loving environment for children and parents. I (we, my husband and I) can say that enrolling our children with Cook's School was truly one of the best decisions ever made for our children's future. I would also like to add that the educators are a group of hard working loving women and I have always felt confident leaving the most important part of my life in their hands. Thank you for what you do,
  • We feel very lucky to have our sons at Cook's. Their transition from a home based childcare setting was seamless & extremely positive. We had concerns re: our 15 mth old meeting the expectations of centre care vs. home care (bottles, soothers, blanket etc.) but it has gone so well. He is thriving! Our older son (5) has come out of his "shell" & enjoys his time there! Thank you so much for all your hard work; it is making a huge difference to parents who must leave their children. Your contribution to their little lives does not go unnoticed.
  • My child and my family are extremely happy with the quality of service. We would not choose anywhere else and highly recommend Cook's. The staff are excellent and the location is ideal.
  • I am very appreciative of all the time and effort the staff puts into their day. They truly take great pride in their jobs and enjoy spending their time with the kids. It makes it a lot easier to leave my children when I know they are spending time with such great people.
  • We love Cook's! We have never felt nervous or unsure leaving our son in their care - trust their judgement 100%. Amazing group of ladies there - our son enjoys spending time with them. He is constantly learning new things at Daycare & great social opportunity.
  • Cook's has been great, very accommodating, friendly and professional. Unfortunately I do not have any suggestions. Maybe little report cards indicating how children are doing in certain areas of the day. i.e., social functioning, eating, cognitive play, imaginative play, naps, following simple directions, potty training... Just an idea because I'd love to know how my child is progressing and time is not always on my side. I understand that this also takes time on provider's part so its just an idea that I'd like!! GREAT staff, my daughter loves going! Thanks!
  • More notice for fundraising bingo please! I cannot volunteer on a last minute notice. The front walkway in winter needs more attention especially during heavy snowfalls (snow storm day - snow was to my knees entering the building, kids almost couldn't even walk through). We love the centre very much and all of the staff are wonderful!
  • Overall - excellent school/teachers and the people involved.
  • We have had a very wonderful 5 years here at Cook's.
  • My girls always enjoy going to Day Care, They always come home happy and excited. The ECE staff is always happy and inviting.
  • I am so happy we decided to send our child to Cook's on D'Arcy. Every single one of the staff is super nice and easy to talk to. My child is excelling and I would not do it any other way! Keep up the great work!

"As an only child, my child did not receive as much socializing from 0-2 as other children with siblings. Since being at Cook's, he has blossomed into a very social and curious child. Cook's welcomed us in every way and was very supportive for my child in his adjustment period. He is one of the better "readers" in his JK class. I feel the attitudes toward literacy and reading he sees at home are demonstrated in the Cook's Program. He has bonded with and trusts his teachers in the Program, whom he mentions often and are now an important aspect of his life. Yeah, Cook's!"

"Everyone associated with Cook's are wonderful influences for the children. They are caring and are able to help the kids learn by making learning fun. Thank-you!"

" You're the best! Thank-you."

"I wanted to commend the Staff for the 2wk hand/sign language program. Emily really enjoyed it!"

"We really appreciate the warm, friendly staff and the variety of crafts and activities."

"Very appreciative for your support while dealing with change (work). Thank you for being so flexible while I am in search of work. Keep up the great work!"

"I could not be happier with another child care centre. I really appreciate the flexibility with days of care and the warm inviting atmosphere that you provide to the parents and children. Kudos to you all for all of your efforts. They do not go unnoticed."

"We're very grateful for the high-level of care shown to Hunter, and the ongoing compassion and support."

"Although my child is fairly new to the day care, I am very satisfied with the care and attention he receives. My child is always in great spirit when my husband and/or I come o pick him up, which demonstrates the outstanding efforts of every staff member."

"At first I suffered from separation anxiety (of course!), although "the girls" were very understanding and compassionate; even every time I called to check in."

"After a very short while, I was positive that I had made the right choice with Cook's. Your staff makes all the difference!"

"I am really happy to have found a daycare as Cook's is; the staff is so wonderful and supportive with the children. My girls feel very happy and comfortable here and I never feel bad leaving them behind. Thank you very much, great work!"

"During these tough economic times your services, programs, and food, etc have been nothing but top notch. Thank you for all you do. (Teachers, assistants, staff, cooks, planners, admin, etc.)"

"I give the teachers credit in dealing with the different schedules of school aged children. Parents have a hard enough time but the teachers make it easier as they are organized and aware of individualized schedules."

"Awesome Work Ladies!"

"The service you provide by walking my child to and from school is greatly appreciated. Without this added extra we would not be able to stay with Cook's day care. There are many other reasons we stay but walking my child to and from school is a great benefit to our family."

"Every effort is made to communicate with parents. Staff are always supportive of student activities and interests."

"Great Job … as always!"

"All caregivers are caring and patient."

"Thank you for giving us a great experience and allowing the kids to grow and learn."

"The teachers/staff are excellent. They have helped my child adjust to school / daycare perfectly. She couldn't be at a better place."

"We feel very fortunate to have our children cared for here. It is an excellent facility with top-notch Programs and staff. Thank-you!"

"We love coming and love our extended family! The support given to all of my family has helped with raising my children, which is very much appreciated!"

"Quite satisfied with all the services provided by the workers and/or staff @ Cook's."

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