It’s so nice to see the children and hear laughter in our spaces again!

Starting off slowly allows us to put our plans into motion and determine what works and what could use a tweak.

We have already determined that our screening procedure needs to be simplified.  Please keep reading…

Daily Screening

Beginning Monday, August 10, families will no longer be required to bring a completed screening form each day or take it home each night.

Our screening form has been revised to be easily completed by our screeners and will be kept at the child care program.

Upon arrival, you and your child will still have your temperature taken by the screener and you will be asked if either of you have any of the symptoms on the posted list.

Have you completed and returned the parent/guardian agreement?

No admittance is permitted until Cook’s has it.  You will find it at

Do you have questions?

Please reach out. Call the Cook’s office at 905-372-2143 or email your program at or