The winter menu is starting soon.  A copy can be accessed here.

If your child has limitations/allergies to any item on the menu, be sure to inform the administration in writing.  It is helpful if you print a copy of the menu, highlight the items that you need to substitute, write the child’s name on the paper copy, and submit it for our records.  If you need a paper copy to do this, please ask.

When you provide variations or substitutions due to restrictions/allergies, you must:

  • Clearly label the items with the child’s name.
  • Inform the staff you are providing a substitution when dropping off your child to ensure the items are properly stored until used.
  • Provide items that are comparable to what is being served by the program every day a substitution is supplied.
  • Important:  if you note your child is unable to consume any items on the menu, you must provide a substitution each day the items are being served.  The program does not supply alternate menu items.