September 25 News Update

September 25 News Topics

  1. Covid-19 Symptoms
  2. After School Program Update
  3. Snippets from the Educators
  4. Orange Shirt Day
  5. Reminder:  Cook’s is Nominated for “Best Daycare / Child Care” & Your Vote Counts!

Covid-19 Symptoms

Complying with the very strict health regulations regarding Covid-19 symptoms is challenging for you and us and we truly appreciate the incredible support from families.  Child care programs in Northumberland are eagerly awaiting clarification from the Ministries of Health and Education regarding the current list of symptoms – there may be changes coming.  Consistent direction to the programs is being obtained from the HKPR District Health Unit regarding exclusion from care and next steps to return. As you know, at this time, we are required to exclude a child showing even one of the Covid-19 symptoms.  We understand this requirement can place strain on you and your family; unfortunately, we have no option.  We will always choose to comply to regulations to help safeguard the children and educators.

Centre After School Program Update

The Cook’s board of directors has voted unanimously to not re-open the centre after school program on October 5.  We have entered the second wave of Covid-19 and the number of cases has increased across the province; therefore, it is necessary for Cook’s to take more time to monitor the changing situation.  Cook’s continues to be committed to move forward with caution. We want to assure you that the health, safety and wellbeing of children, families, staff, and home providers is an ongoing priority for us.  The board will re-evaluate the re-opening of the centre after school program on October 26.  New information will be shared at the earliest convenience.

Snippets from the Educators

The educators are interested in occasionally emailing snapshots of your child in action to you to help you see what sparks their interest while in our care.  There will not be a set schedule when the special moments will be shared – it will be a nice, random surprise for you.  If you are not interested in receiving these emails, just let us know.  Please do not email the educators because they will not have the ability to respond.  For safety reasons, their attention must be directed to the children when in program.  If you wish to email questions or comments, you may direct them through the office email addresses or call us at 905-372-2143.

Victoria Park Child Care Centre

Cook’s Home Child Care Agency

Orange Shirt Day

On September 30 communities come together in a spirit of reconciliation and hope because every child matters.

Reminder:  Cook’s is Nominated for “Best Daycare / Child Care” & Your Vote Counts!

Cook’s is nominated for the Northumberland News Reader’s Choice Award for Best Daycare / Child Care.

Please take a moment to follow this link to vote for your program!

Receiving this award would be a nice way to recognize our 35 years providing early learning and child care programs for Northumberland County!  Voting closes on September 27.  Please spread the word!

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Memories & Milestones

35 years ago, today, Cook’s opened our doors for the first time in what was Cook’s Public School just north of Cobourg on Danforth Road.  Cook’s officially received corporation status on August 29, 1985.

I am privileged to share in the celebration of this milestone.  I remember being there on day one with co-founders, Kim Rudd and Judi Quigley, as we welcomed the first families through our doors.  Just over 35 years ago, I was a new Early Childhood Education graduate and a newlywed wondering where my future would lead me.  As fate would have it, my husband spotted an ad in the local Cobourg Daily Star for a new day care looking for educators.  I was new to Cobourg and was quickly welcomed into the Cook’s family and the community by Kim, Judi, and their families.  It felt like home. While both Kim and Judi moved on to new adventures a number of years ago, their hearts and souls remain with Cook’s.

Cook’s has come through a lot over the years.  It has taken strength, hard work, determination, and a lot of love to help Cook’s thrive, grow, and live on.  Cook’s has had different centre locations; expanded to include the home child care option; expanded to two centres for a number of years; and amalgamated back to one for the financial health of the organization.  All in the blink of an eye.

Cook’s people are its foundation.  Cook’s exists because, at its core, there are dedicated professionals and supporters.  Though together we have shared and supported each other through tough and sometimes sad times, we agree the rewards far outweigh the challenges that have come our way.  Our Cook’s team steps up to pitch in together because we are proud to be a part of Cook’s and a part of each others’ lives.  We are a family.

And just when I think I’ve seen and heard it all throughout our many years, it seems some little surprise always pops up to test us.  2020, as we all know, has been one for the records that we could never have imagined.  As always, our team has risen to the challenge to protect what we have established – together.

Lots of families have passed through our doors over the years. Some of the children became staff and their children attended.  Many children became parents and bring their kids or even grandkids now.  Some current staff bring their children now.  Many parents tell their friends to reach out to us.  That says a lot about the trust built and is appreciated! The lasting connections and relationships made are cherished.

I also credit our lasting presence in our Northumberland community because we began with a commitment on day one with a goal to provide the best quality programming we could provide and respond to changing needs.  That commitment continues today and will continue every day into our future.  Cook’s will do nothing less than our best, every day.

I need to recognize my devoted, enthusiastic, and supportive team.  The year each joined Cook’s follows their name.  These folks are the greatest!

Alannah (2017); Blair (2020); Brenda (2000); Charlene (2018); Courtney (2015); Emily (2019); Hannah (2015); Heather (1991); Heidi (2019); Kelly (2019); Lisa (2002); Melissa R (2011); Melissa L (2017); Penny (1990); Renée (2014); Richelle (2016 as a student; 2019 full-time); Rose (2017); Shannon (1987);  Sharon (1989)

Home Child Care Providers:
Diane (2003); Maria (2016); Priscilla (2011)

Board of Directors:
Alison (2016); Ann (2018); Elise (2018); Kayley (2017); Lori (2015); Sarah (2018); Suzanne (2017); Ziyad (2017)

Lastly, there are many community advocates and service providers who deserve mention for the assistance given to Cook’s over the years.  The County of Northumberland has been instrumental in helping Cook’s thrive over the years with much appreciated advisory and funding support.  At the risk of missing identifying even one of the other important people, companies, or organizations, I offer a group declaration of my appreciation.  It not only takes a community to raise a child, it also takes a community to stand behind a quality early learning and child care program dedicated to serving the community to the best of its ability.

Best regards always,

Lynn Stubbings, RECE. AECEO.C
Executive Director

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Reminders & Updates

Happy September 1st!  Please take a moment to read this quick note regarding the requirements taking effect today.

Masks & Eye Protection

All educators (centre & home) are now required to wear a medical mask and eye protection:

  • during screening
  • at all times when in direct contact with the children
  • when 6-feet (2 metres) distance cannot be maintained

All children entering grade four and older are required to wear a face covering when physical distancing cannot be maintained.  Children over 2 years are encouraged to wear masks, but it is not mandatory.

Please check out the guidelines and exceptions in the Package for Parents, COVID-19 Policy & Support Documents, A7. COVID-19 Guideline Masks & Eye Protection:

Child Care Space Guaranteed for 14 Calendar Days (until September 15)

For families who have not returned to care yet, you are now required to indicate your intentions regarding whether or not you plan to return.

  • If we do not hear from you by September 15, we will assume you are not returning, and your space may be offered to a family on our waitlist.
  • If it is your plan to return later than September 15, you will be required to pay the weekly minimum fee (two days per week) until you return to care.

Security Reminder

Photo and video-taking are strictly prohibited by the children, families, or visitors while in our programs (indoors and outdoors, including events off of the property).  Confidentiality and security is a top priority for Cook’s and must be respected by all who participate in or visit our programs.

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Cook’s is Nominated for the Northumberland News Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Daycare/Child Care”

Your vote matters! Please take a moment to follow this link to vote for your program!

Receiving this award would be a nice way to recognize our 35 years providing early learning and child care programs for Northumberland County!

Voting closes on September 27. Please spread the word!

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Full Re-opening of Ontario’s Early Learning and Child Care Programs

The Province announced recently that early learning and child care programs may return to full capacity effective September 1.

After the announcement, programs were informed that the Ministry of Education Operational Guidance During COVID-19 Outbreak – Child Care Re-Opening, Version 3 document will be provided to guide the full re-opening.  The document has not been distributed by the Province yet.

Cook’s remains dedicated to providing our service in the safest possible manner for the children and educators.  Because of this commitment, it is necessary for Cook’s to plan for our full re-opening carefully.  It is important to take the time to review the guidance document when received to ensure every precaution necessary is taken and informed decisions are made.

Will There be a Centre Before & After School Program This Fall?

Unfortunately, a concrete answer cannot be provided until:

  • We receive the Province’s guidance document.
  • We determine if there are limitations to the service we provide and requirements to satisfy after reviewing the document.
  • We receive confirmation from our local health unit and our Ministry licensing body that we are permitted to provide this service.
  • The Cook’s board of directors finalize their vote regarding whether or not Cook’s provides this service beginning in September. Centre staff have been consulted in this process.

Decisions of this magnitude require the input of many.  As always, Cook’s will inform you about any developments at the earliest convenience. 

Your patience and ongoing support are appreciated!

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We Are Open! Reminders and Updates About Daily Screening

It’s so nice to see the children and hear laughter in our spaces again!

Starting off slowly allows us to put our plans into motion and determine what works and what could use a tweak.

We have already determined that our screening procedure needs to be simplified.  Please keep reading…

Daily Screening

Beginning Monday, August 10, families will no longer be required to bring a completed screening form each day or take it home each night.

Our screening form has been revised to be easily completed by our screeners and will be kept at the child care program.

Upon arrival, you and your child will still have your temperature taken by the screener and you will be asked if either of you have any of the symptoms on the posted list.

Have you completed and returned the parent/guardian agreement?

No admittance is permitted until Cook’s has it.  You will find it at

Do you have questions?

Please reach out. Call the Cook’s office at 905-372-2143 or email your program at or

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Reminders Before Re-opening on August 4

It’s only a few short days until we begin to welcome the children and families back to our programs.  We are very excited!

Please check out these quick reminders before you return.

Have you visited our website’s COVID-19 link at http://cooksdaycare.a/covid/?

The extra time Cook’s invested in our re-opening allowed us the opportunity to prepare information packages for parents/guardians, our staff and home child care providers using the recommendations of the Ministries of Education and Health. It is important that the information be reviewed.

Have you completed and returned the parent/guardian agreement?

No admittance is permitted until Cook’s has it.  You will find it at

Have you submitted your schedule?

The schedule forms can be completed and submitted from our website We need your hours of drop-off and pick-up to ensure our staffing is placed appropriately for care and disinfecting procedures.

Do you have copies of the screening checklist sheets?

Please be sure to have copies ready at home to complete and bring with you for your child and the individual who is dropping off. They can be found at

If you need copies, please let us know and arrange to come pick some up at your program location.

Important! Restricted entry to our programs is in place.

At this time, only the children are permitted entry inside the building (and approved visitors).

Do you receive fee assistance?

If you receive fee subsidy from the County of Northumberland, have you connected with your case worker to have your file re-opened?

How to safely approach your program…

We will have signs in place to safely greet you one family at a time.

Although our screeners will be wearing a face covering and shield, please wear a face covering to approach the entrance. Respecting directions benefits all!

Do you have questions?

Please reach out. Call the Cook’s office at 905-372-2143 or email your program at or

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Obligations for Cook’s Families – Preparing for Re-opening

The day when we welcome families back to our programs is getting closer. We are looking forward to re-connecting!

BEFORE Returning to Care

For families returning during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are required to do the following BEFORE your child can be admitted into your program location:

  1. Complete & return the COVID-19 Parent Agreement (link provided below).
  2. Confirm your schedule with the Cook’s.

Cook’s Website COVID-19 Information

Our website has been updated to include a direct link to COVID-19 information applicable to Cook’s at, with a Package for Parents and details of the changes you will experience with us.

For those who prefer a hard copy of the information, please let us know and a package will be prepared for you.

Package for Parents (includes Guardians)

A Package for Parents is available at

Families must review the details in the package BEFORE returning to care. The package includes:

  • Covid-19 Policy & Supporting Documents
    It is particularly important to read: COVID-19 PLAN FOR SICK CHILDREN, EDUCATORS, OR PARENTS WITH POSSIBLE COVID-19 OR EXPOSURE TO COVID-19 – Revised July 6, 2020
  • Parent Agreement Form
    Must be completed and returned to Cook’s office before your child’s first day back into care
  • Parent & Child Daily Screening Form
    With the exception of the temperature, the screening checklist symptoms are completed on the form by you BEFORE arrival, for both you and your child. Every day your child attends, the completed checklists must be presented to the screener at the entrance to your program. The checklists will be kept at the program for the day if admittance is granted to your child and returned to you at the end of the day. Important: there must be a separate checklist for each child and adult arriving at the program. You can print the checklist forms you need or obtain copies from Cook’s office upon request.

Is Your Child Returning?

It is understandable that some families are not ready to have your children return to a group setting at this time. We do ask that you communicate your intentions clearly to help Cook’s determine our enrollment at re-opening and going forward.

Call 905-372-2143 or email:

  • Cook’s Home Child care Agency,
  • Victoria Park Child Care Centre,

Provincial Capacity Restrictions Still in Place

Please understand that there continues to be restrictions to the number of children we may offer spaces to and it is possible that until we are given permission to operate at full capacity, it may be necessary to place currently enrolled families on a temporary waitlist.

  • All families’ spaces are guaranteed when Cook’s is permitted to return to full capacity.
  • Centre programs for children entering JK and older, will be offered in the centre from August 4 to September 4 only.
  • The centre before and after school program will be suspended when school starts until further notice.

Who May Enter Our Programs at This Time?


ONLY staff/providers, children, and authorized visitors (special needs resource people, delivery) will be granted access inside the homes/centre.

Parents/guardians will not be granted access inside the homes/centre.

Thanks for Your Patience & Understanding

We are committed to supporting families and we are excited about welcoming our Cook’s family back into our programs.

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