The following comments are provided from Notes to Cook’s, annual satisfaction surveys, application forms, and other feedback from parents, children, and educators.

  • I am very happy with the center and always have piece of mine when leaving her for the day. It’s easy to talk to all of her teachers and the always help or answer any questions I have. My daughter is so excited to know she’s headed to daycare and is thriving and developing each week. We still have a lot of time until school, but I have no doubt she will be comfortable and prepared for the transition.

  • Since our child has been coming to Cooks for Daycare I have noticed a huge improvement in her speech development . Our child comes home singing songs that she could have only learned from daycare. The staff are very friendly and sweet. Sending my daughter here was the best desision that I could have ever made. Thanks for being so awesome!

  • Everyone at Cook’s is amazing. They made the transition from maternity leave to daycare so much easier!

  • I see my child learning new things all the time. I enjoy the feedback we receive verbally when we pick her up at the end of the day.

  • The educators at Cook’s provide exceptional degrees of caring, understanding, support & nutrition (good manners, good choices, etc.).

  • All educators appear confident & competent in their roles. I have never second guessed their responses or judgment. They truly have my children’s best interest in mind & are very welcoming & supportive.

  • Our daughter has attended Cooks since she was 13 months old (she is now over 2.5yrs). Since we have enrolled her it has been a very positive experience. All of the staff are great with the children and wonderful to interact with.

  • My child joined Cooks after spending a year and a half in a home daycare environment – what I enjoy most about your program is that it is more structured. I feel that this is where my child needs to be to help prepare her for grade school. She has already learned so much. I love that she comes home and is counting and singing songs.

  • I love seeing the pictures and stories of what the children are up to during the day. My child is a toddler and can’t yet talk well enough to tell me what activities they’ve done. So it’s a great surprise to see those glimpses into his day. It’s also nice to see what the older kids get up to, as something to look forward to.

  • I just recently learned that the children’s learning moments/pictures are saved in their own book that they will get to take home with them at the end of their time with the daycare. I may have missed this in the handbook or elsewhere, but I think it is a great idea and look forward to having that keepsake for my kids.

  • My daughter has been at Cooks since November 2015. We very much love the building, teachers, programs, and meals. We have always felt welcomed and involved in our daughter’s class time. Teachers and staff are so wonderful, we can’t thank them enough!

  • Cooks is a fantastic daycare center! Our Child looks forwards to daycare days, ALWAYS! The staff are helpful and friendly. The kids always seem to be enjoying themselves. Thanks you for taking such good care of the kids 🙂