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Package for Home Child Care Providers
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Cook’s Re-opened on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

We are very happy to welcome the children back to our programs! We want to share some of the changes you can expect when your child returns to care.

Before Returning to Care

For families returning during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are required to do the following before your child can be admitted to the program location:

  1. Complete and return the COVID-19 Parent Agreement, found in the “Package for Parents”.
  2. Confirm your schedule with Cook’s.

Guaranteed Placement Limitations

It is understandable that some families are not ready to have your children return to a group setting at this time. We ask that you communicate your intentions clearly to help Cook’s determine our enrolment at re-opening and going forward.

If you have not already done so, it is time to connect with the Cook’s office to discuss placement options.

Effective September 1, 2020

Families who attended our home or centre-based programs prior to the Covid-19 closure in March were given 14 calendar days to accept your placement and return to care.

Effective September 15, 2020
  • the holding fee equal to two days/week must be paid to further guarantee your space for a maximum of two months (to November 15), or
  • the space may be offered to another family on our waitlist.

Centre Before & After School Program Update

The after school program will resume when Cook’s feels confident that we can do so in the safest manner possible.

It will be important to closely monitor how the schools manage their environments when they resume full operation. Because of the staggered school start dates, October 5 is the anticipated start date of our centre after school program if all requirements are in place and all is going well for both the schools and us.

Because of the morning screening procedure and the staff required for that task, it will not be possible to offer the centre before school program until further notice.

Cook’s chooses not to rush our decisions. As with each step we have taken, we will carefully take the time to confidently move forward.

Health & Safety Measures

Before re-opening, all centre staff and home child care providers completed training requirements. Cook’s has introduced new health and safety measures as directed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health (HKPR District Health Unit).

COVID-19 Information

Our website is updated as new information is received. All families will be given online access to the new policies and required protocols. The new measures include individual daily health screening (for staff, home care providers, children, parents, and authorized visitors) prior to admittance to the program and new cleaning and disinfecting measures.

Early Learning Environment and Program Changes

  • Same group of children will stay together (“cohorting”) and will not mix with other groups.
  • When possible, the same staff will work with one group of children.
  • Storage for children’s personal belongings will be spaced in plastic bags.
  • Children will be seated at the tables for play, snacks, and lunch in a manner that encourages physical distancing.
  • Toys or equipment that are difficult to clean and disinfect are stored and not used at this time (e.g. area carpets, plush toys, dress-up clothes, puppets, books, board games).
  • Craft materials will be provided in individual kits/baskets for each child.
  • Group sensory activities (examples: water table, sand table, playdough, goop), will not be provided at this time. Children may enjoy and store these items individually.
  • Where possible, outdoor playtime will be increased.
  • Staff will incorporate fun learning activities that teach children about physical distancing and personal hygiene.

Who May Enter Our Programs at this Time?

ONLY staff/providers, children, and authorized visitors (special needs resource people, delivery, maintenance) will be granted access inside the homes/centre at this time.

Parents/guardians will not be granted access inside the homes/centre at this time.

Health Screening – Every Day Upon Arrival

  • Children and parents will be formally screened for illness daily at drop off.
  • Our screening forms are completed by our screeners and will be kept at the child care program.
  • You will be asked if you and your child have any of the symptoms on the posted list.
  • You and your child will have your temperature taken by the screener before admittance of your child is granted. A fever is 38.7 °C and higher.
  • Limiting the number of adults dropping off and picking up a child to one person is important to control congestion at the entrance.
  • The presence of symptoms indicated on the screening form will be discussed on an individual basis to determine if admittance of your child can happen.

If Your Child is Granted Admittance for the Day

  • At drop off, if your child is healthy, and screening is completed, the home provider or a staff member will meet you at the front entrance and escort your child inside to their activity area.
  • At the end of each day, when you arrive at your program, you may wish to call the home/centre phone number to possibly reduce your wait time.
  • The home provider or a centre staff member will escort your child to the front entrance where you can pick them up.
  • Please allow extra time for both drop off and pick up. We will do our best to minimize your wait times.

Thanks for Your Patience & Understanding

We understand what a difficult time this has been for everybody. We want to assure you that the health, safety and wellbeing of children, families, staff, and home providers is an ongoing priority for us. We are committed to supporting families and we are excited about welcoming our Cook’s family back into our programs.


Call 905-372-2143 or email:


Families must review the details in the package before returning to care.

The Information Package for Parents includes:

  • Covid-19 Policy & Supporting Documents
    • It is particularly important to read COVID-19 Plan for Sick Children, Educators, or Parents with Possible COVID-19 or Exposure to COVID-19 – Revised July 6, 2020
  • Parent Agreement Form
    • Must be completed and returned to Cook’s office before your child’s first day back into care.
  • Parent & Child Daily Screening Form
    • With the exception of the temperature, the screening checklist symptoms are completed on the form by you before arrival, for both you and your child. Every day your child attends, the completed checklists must be presented to the screener at the entrance to your program. The checklists will be kept at the program for the day if admittance is granted to your child and returned to you at the end of the day. Important: there must be a separate checklist for each child and adult arriving at the program. you can print the checklist forms you need or obtain copies from Cook’s office upon request.
  • Resources

If you prefer a hard copy of the information, please let us know.

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Home Child Care Providers

The Information Package for Home Child Care Providers includes:

  • Covid-19 Policy & Supporting Documents
  • Covid-19 Policy & Training Sign-Off
  • Resources & Training Materials
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Centre Staff

The Information Package for Centre Staff includes:

  • Covid-19 Policy & Supporting Documents
  • Covid-19 Policy & Training Sign-Off
  • Resources & Training Materials
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